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LightSwitch™ Portfolio of Solutions for Photovoltaic Modules

06 September 2010

Saint-Gobain's LightSwitch™ Portfolio of Solutions for Photovoltaic Modules 


LightSwitch Worcester, MA -- Saint-Gobain Solar, a leading manufacturer of sustainable materials and engineered renewable energy solutions, introduces its new LightSwitch™ portfolio of solutions, including LightSwitch Frontsheet, LightSwitch Encapsulant, and LightSwitch Frontsheet Complete, as well as a design program for photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturers.  A high-performance and durable alternative to conventional materials, LightSwitch film products provide PV module manufacturers with enhanced performance, durability, and a reduction in total systems cost.  The LightSwitch design program was developed to assist module manufacturers in bringing a lightweight PV product to market.


"The LightSwitch family of solutions, from innovative materials to design and support services, was created to meet growing PV module manufacturing needs," according to Julia DeCorieto, Business Manager, Photovoltaics & Extruded Films, Saint-Gobain Solar.  "As renewable energy becomes a global priority, we continue to develop high-quality, cost-effective products and services that help our customers utilize lightweight fluoropolymer plastics easily, and achieve grid parity."


LightSwitch™ Products



About Saint-Gobain Solar

A worldwide leader in solar energy services, Saint-Gobain boasts a long and successful history in the construction materials market.  Nearly 350 years of history, marked by technical revolutions and commercial successes, has made Saint-Gobain an ever-present industry player.  Today, Saint-Gobain is combining its traditional field of expertise, housing and construction, with its solar technology know-how.  The company's commitment to continual innovation aims to improve people's lives by being more comfortable, economical and sustainable throughout the world.  Saint-Gobain Solar reaffirms the company's commitment to making solar energy a springboard of growth and innovation. 


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